Mission Statement: 

Millie's Tree is my part in healing the world. I channel my god given healing gifts to raise vibrations around me through reiki, yoga, intuitive psychic readings, art and teaching. My mission is to empower souls by helping them develop the tools to continue on their personal healing journey. I also paint really dope art because it’s fun. 🌈

I’m Millie, the main creative force behind Millie’s Tree. Here is my story:

Hey you! yes, you... I see dead people. So, that's how my story starts. I've been that way for as long as I can remember. My most vivid memory of using my gifts happened when I was about 5. I saw my grandfather whom I'd never met, standing at the end of my bed in the middle of the night. I tried to ignore it for the major part of my life even though the Universe constantly and consistently had been tapping me on the shoulder, yet, I ignored it. Life finally hit me with a brick of truth. I was always depressed and exhausted, the way I was leading my life wasn't  making me happy. I finally decided to take action and learn to use my gifts. I learned a lesson in humility and opened myself up to accept support from the spiritual community in this beautiful city. I searched for a yoga class simply hoping someone could give me a magical solution to make sense of it all! This isn’t quite how it unfolded, however. My search led me to a Reiki training in a yoga studio instead proving once again that the universe listens even when it has better plans for you. I completed myf Reiki certification and continued my exploration of healing modalities over the years. For those of you wondering, I eventually did make it to a yoga class and fell in love! Within a month of my first class, I signed up to complete my Certified Yoga Teacher (200h)  training in the jungle of Costa Rica through Marianne Wells Yoga School. It was beautiful, healing, educational, gruelling and third eye opening to say the least. Flash forward a few months and I took one of those Paint Nights classes led by an incredibly talented local artist. This is the night that Millie’s Tree’s logo came to life, I went home to paint ALL night and haven’t stopped since!

Through this journey of exploration and personal healing, I have found my path to inspire and guide people to be the best version of themselves by connecting with their higher purpose whether through teaching, healing or art.

 I am certified yoga teacher (CYT200), Usui and Karuna reiki master, crystal healer, psychic, medium and artist! 

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